Swimming with the Tuna

Peter feeding tuna

I was very thrilled when I found out we were going to go and swim with the tuna.  I thought tuna were just those little fish. After Mum and Dad had … [Continue reading]

Swimming with the Sea Lions

sea lion

I was very exited when I knew that we were going to swim with the sea lions. We had already swam with the tuna and fed them pilchards which I had … [Continue reading]

My Wonderfully, Awful Mum?

family kids travelling

These are the good facts and bad facts about my mum. Good Points: lets Bus have our own website doesn't yell as often as dad lets me use the … [Continue reading]

Travelling In The Car

car travel kids family

Traveling in the car is very boring. I usually bring my kindle, pencil case, notebook and work book. I just read write and work. Sometimes mum puts … [Continue reading]

Views on Homeschooling


Homeschooling is very fun because you get to stay whith your perents all day. You also get to do crosswords puzzles, mazes and all sorts of fun … [Continue reading]