Books That I Would Recommend


I am writing a post on books that I would recommend. The first is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, which is a book about Christmas and a man … [Continue reading]

Christmas on the road


I think that Christmas is very good because you get presents from santa and from your family. You also get lots of surprises like seeing a parade … [Continue reading]

A bit of fun at tarrabulga national park


The way to Tarra Bulga National Park was very steep.  We thought that we would not get to the top with the caravan.  We were very glad when came to … [Continue reading]

A disaster and pleasure in a near ghost town

travelling children

At Walhalla, Peter and I were searching for quartz. To break open so that we could see if there was any gold. In them we found lots of little pieces. … [Continue reading]

I love pottery … but we can’t carry clay in a caravan

I like doing pottery a lot so whenever I get a chance to do some I do it.  Since there usually isn't any clay while we're travelling.  I just use mud … [Continue reading]