My Wonderfully, Awful Mum?

These are the good facts and bad facts about my mum.

Good Points:

  • lets
    Bus have our own website
  • doesn’t yell as often as dad
  • lets me use the computer when i want to because i don’t use it often
  • yells at Peter when his naughty
  • paid for my garnets to be made into jewelery.
  • usually sides with us when dad yells at us
  • lets us have cordial when we get dehydrated.
  • sometimes organises home school camps
  • doesn’t let us get like Dudley (Harry Potter’s cousin).

Bad Points:

  • doesn’t let us ride at night, even with our bike torches.
  • doesn’t usually let us have a swim even when where near water
  • doesn’t let us go to see our grandparents as often as we want to
  • whenever we have a campfire, she doesn’t let us stay out as late as we want
  • usually doesn’t let us have second helpings

That’s the list of the good and bad things about my mum, and that’s all of it. She’s usually good, but sometimes not.

And if you want to see what my brother Peter has said about my dad, check out Adventurous Childhood.

family kids travelling

Us at Uluru when I was eight (I have on the pink jumper)

travelling kids

Mum and I at the West MacDonnell Ranges

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  1. In my defence – the cordial was a once off as it was the only liquid we had in the car, and you really needed it after all the salt at Lake Eyre!

  2. All the best parents yell a lot. I know I do. Interesting that’s one of your plus points, though…
    Theodora recently posted..The Friday Photo: Heavenly PalaceMy Profile

  3. what a great list!! i love the dudley comment – fantastic!
    wandering educators recently posted..Organic AbroadMy Profile

  4. So glad she doesn’t let you get like Dudley. Wish my mom had done that!

    And they make us dads yell more than the moms. It’s in our contract.
    Talon ( recently posted..The American DreamMy Profile

  5. Hello Susan,

    Your Mum sounds pretty cool. Its pretty cool you have jewellery and get to go on the computer more often.

    I am not allowed to have cordial because my Mum wont let me.
    Cameron Wood recently posted..Meeting FriendsMy Profile

    • Hi Cameron,
      My mum only lets me on the computer when I want is because I dont use it often.

      Even when we are dehydrated, she dosent let us have cordial that often.
      And the only reason I have jewellery is because I find the garnets and opals in them.

  6. Interesting list. Pretend you are your Mum and list what she would say were your good and bad points
    Nell recently posted..Swimming with the TunaMy Profile

  7. My mom can be annoying sometimes too, but she has more good things about her. Your mom sounds cool!
    Anevay recently posted..The Mystery HoleMy Profile

  8. I like your list and I like to compare it with Peter’s one on your dad. It seems that what you both like is to see the other one been yelled by your parents…
    (sorry I’m not sure if this sentence is quite correct in English but I hope you understand the meaning)
    Tiphanya recently posted..Epuiser mes stocks de laineMy Profile

  9. Hi Susan,
    Yes, I agree with the point:
    “doesn’t let us go to see our grandparents as often as we want to”
    We miss you a lot and would love to see you more often.
    We have been on holidays at Phillip Island for the last week and have only just got around to checking our email etc.

    Hope you are all well, give Edmund and Lucy a big kiss for me.

    Love Opa

  10. Good post susan.


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