The history of the Terracotta warriors.

In 259 BC a pince named Prince Zheng was born. Prince Zheng was a prince of the Qin province in China. At the time when he was born all of China was in a warring state. At the age of 13 Prince Zheng’s father died and Zheng ascended to the throne. Until the now King Zheng was 22 years old his land was ruled by a regent. When he turned 22 however he took full control of the country, he wanted to go to war with the other 6 major states who were waring with each other. Zheng was very ambitious first he conquered all the other 6 states the Han state,  the Zhao state, the Wei state, the Chu state, the Yan state and finally the Qi state. After Zheng had conquered all of the states of China he declared himself emperor and changed his name to Shi Huang which meant the first emperor.

Emperor Qin as he was now called was a skilled leader however he was also a very big tyrant. for example once he ordered the burning of history and war books and the scholars who did not bring forth there books were killed.
Emperor Qin had a massive mausoleum built for himself with thousands and thousands of terracotta figures made into the likeness of warriors made and placed in three pits. One of the pits only had 68 clay figures in it and the way that they were facing each other made the archeologists think that they were meant to represent the guard of honour. In Qin’s rank of clay soldiers were terracotta horses, and bronze horses attached to a bronze chariot with a terracotta charioteer. It is not known why Emperor Qin made the terracotta warriors however through them he has become one of the most famous emperors of China. Emperor Qin made many more pits apart from just the Terracotta warrior pits one of the pits that he made is called the rare birds and animals pit.
It is through these terracotta figurines, that Emperor Qin has achieved the immortality that he so desperately wanted. If he had never built his fabulous mausoleum, he would only be remembered as
Just one of those silly old Chinese emperors who only went to war. However just because of his mausoleum, so now Emperor Qin will be remembered for hundreds upon hundreds of years. The amounts of tourists that visit the warriors are truly extraordinary. At least one million international tourists visit the Terracotta warriors each year. And with that amount of tourists, just think how many Chinese nationals visit them every year!
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