Swimming with the Tuna

I was very thrilled when I found out we were going to go and swim with the tuna.  I thought tuna were just those little fish.

After Mum and Dad had paid we went to the caravan to get changed into our bathers, then we went to get on the boat.  There were a few others on the boat who sat on the back seats.  The water was rather choppy, so the boat was rocking a lot.  The spray kept coming into the boat and dripping down the sides.  I was scared at first that we were going to sink, but we didn’t so I kept running back and forth from the front to the back of the boat with the water spraying me as I was going back and forth.  Sometimes I stopped to take a photo.

We had to walk carefully off the boat into a little kind of pontoon in the middle of the cage.  I saw that they were big fish.  They were only babies, though.   They have to swim the whole length of their body every second to get oxygen through their body.  So they can’t stop swimming even to sleep otherwise they cannot get the oxygen through their body to live.When we got on it Peter, Lucy and I sat down on the edge of it next to two red buckets of pilchards.

Soon we got up again to go down to a little underwater tunnel.  The tunnel had some seats in it so that people could sit on them and watch the tuna going passed the windows.  There were some steps which weren’t the ones we came down on so I was curious to see what was up there, but it was only another way up to the pontoon.  I  took some photos when I was down in the tunnel, but after awhile I got bored so I went back onto the pontoon to feed the tuna some pilchards.

After a while of feeding the tuna, the person who was driving the boat went and got out some snorkels for the people who went in to the water to use.  Dad got in first.  Then I got in, but only held on to a rail which was hanging down off the pontoon but I was too scared to put my head under water.  If a tuna touches you it can give you a series of bruises or cuts.  Also, they have to swim their whole body length in one second to get enough oxygen through their body so I was a bit scared that they might bump in to me.  After a bit I got out and Lucy got in.  Peter followed Lucy, but only got up to about his waist and only stayed in for a minute or two until he got out to feed the tuna again.

The time there was altogether too short for me, but I still liked it tremendously.

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  1. That trip sounds very fun and exciting I would be scared if the Tuna bumped me too. Did the tuna go fast or slow? I would love to go on a trip like that!
    Anevay recently posted..Yesterday!My Profile

  2. that makes sense
    Anevay recently posted..Interview on meMy Profile

    • Hi Anevey I also liked the sea lines better because the weather wasn’t as rough as it was wen we went swimming with the tuna also they were very friendly

  3. love this! i love tuna – both to see, and eat. how cool is this experience – and you made me feel as if i was right there with you!
    wandering educators recently posted..Trekking in Nepal: The Road to Rolwaling (Part 2)My Profile

  4. Good details susan

  5. Good post susan

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