Swimming with the Sea Lions

I was very exited when I knew that we were going to swim with the sea lions. We had already swam with the tuna and fed them pilchards which I had liked.

With the Sea Lions, we had to get up at 6:30am so we would get there in time. Even then we were almost late. The water was rather calm on the way there, compared with the very choppy day when we went to the tuna. So, we were having fun, but then we caught some big waves. They kept rocking the boat up and down. I was with Dad in the room where the steering wheel is when the big waves came, and I fell over. Dad told me to go and sit down. When I was on my way to sit down, a wave threw Dad up in the air and then he fell on the ground.

We couldn’t put the wetsuits and snorkels on while the boat was moving because of the waves we were caught in. We had to put them on when we got there, which was a little annoying as it wasted a bit of our time that we could have spent in the water playing with the sea lions. When I had got changed, I waited for the others to get into the water with me.

At first I couldn’t take photos as Dad had my camera, but after I had played a little I asked Dad for my camera back. I strapped it to my wrist, but the strap on my camera isn’t that safe, so I had to make sure that it was safe. Then I went and took some photos, too. Once Peter dropped his camera, and the only other passenger who was going to swim with the sea lions came and got it up off the bottom of the sea for him.

Lucy, Peter, Edmund and I had life-jackets on. While we were playing, some sea lions were lying on the bottom of the water watching us. Then they came up and started playing around in the water with us too.

I kept going back and forth from the deep part to the shallow part where I could stand. Once when I went into the shallow part to stand up, two of the sea lions came and started circling around me, and every now and again jumping out of the water and sniffing me a little. Dad came over because I said that those two were there, but they went somewhere else then. I went out into the deep part again and there were still some more at the bottom.

There was a big one who was the bull. They said he was called Bubbles because he always blew bubbles. I didn’t actually see him blowing bubbles, but Dad said he saw him blowing bubbles. When we were going back onto the boat the bull, Bubbles, was near the boat playing around when I got up. I passed Dad my camera to hold while I got up. It was very hard getting up the little ladder hanging down the side of the boat with flippers, because you can’t really walk properly in flippers.

When I got back on the boat I was cold. I’d got so used to the water it felt cold being back out of the water. So Stacey, one of the helpers on the boat, got us all a hot chocolate and then we were going to get changed. But Peter got my pants on instead of his, so I had to wait a while for him to change out of my pants.

On our way back, we stopped off at Memory Cove. They told us that it was called Memory Cove because once when a ship was coming back into land they ran out of fresh water. They sent a little crew on a rowboat to get fresh water, that was flipped over and they all drowned. Memory Cove was named in the Memory of the crew that were on that rowboat and drowned. After they had explained that we started on our way again. On our way back we saw a little beach and the steps leading down to the beach that are right near where our caravan is. We couldn’t see the caravan, though.

When we got back, there was a ship coming back from where it had been to get some kingfish. When we landed, we went to see it and got some photos of them unloading the fish into trucks. There was one man helping who Dad talked to, who got out a fish so we could feel what it was like and take some photos of it. Also, there was some water streaming out of the ship, so I got a photo of it because it’s not so often you see water streaming out of a ship back into the ocean.

Going back to the car, we saw a sea lion coming in and playing in the marina near the boat. We thought maybe it had followed us from Hopkins Island back to Port Lincoln.

I don’t know why sea lions are called sea lions. They don’t look much like lions, and they aren’t fierce as a lion, either.



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  3. Wonderful post great how much you remember

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