Our time at monkey Mia

At Monkey Mia, you can stand in the water while the dolphins play around you.   We got there at lunch time, so  we got out some lunch. When we had finished our lunch, we started going down to the beach. We were nearly late, and then someone who worked there came up and asked us to get out of the water, because the dolphins would be here soon. The lady that worked at Monkey Mia told us that some dolphins would be coming into shore soon, because they could smell the fish in her bucket. We were all really surprised because the advertisement said “Swim with the Dolphins”.  She told us that these dolphins were wild animals, and they don’t want them becoming too friendly, and dependant on people,  so we couldn’t swim with them.

Dolphin at Monkey Mia

Dolphin at Monkey Mia

After a couple of minutes we saw two dolphins coming in. The dolphins that had come in were a mother and her calf.  The lady who was conducting it said that she would then choose three people to give one fish each to the adult dolphin.  She walked around and chose three lucky people. When she reached us, she picked Mum as the third person, and she also said that Peter, Edmund, Lucy and I could come into the water with Mum. After the three people had fed the fish to the dolphins, the feeding was over. The dolphins started heading back out to open water.

Dolphin feeding

Dolphin feeding

We were able to swim in the water, where there were lots of shells.  We all went away to get out our bathers and swimming things, then we went back down to the beach.  We had a swim.  At first, I stayed on the beach collecting shells and pretty rocks.  I went into the ocean, and swam out to Mum and Dad who were far out.  They told me to go back in if I couldn’t tread water, which I could.  We stayed out there for a while just swimming around.  Mum and dad gave me a few piggy back rides when they were floating around.  I decided to go back to shore and look for shells in the shallow water, by just diving under and looking on the floor of the sea for shells. Lucy saw me doing that, and wanted to help me, so I let her.  We found some very good shells.

Half an hour later, Mum and Dad said that it was time to go. I did not want to go at all for I had just found a very good clump of shells.  I got out of the water very reluctantly, and put my shells in my towel. After I had dried myself,  Mum, who had gone to a little space on the beach said that she had found some showers, and that we needed to come and have a shower. We did not want to, as we were pretty hungry by that time, but Mum and Dad insisted on it. We went around to have a shower.  After I had had my shower, I needed to dry myself again, so I tipped the shells out of my towel.  But as I went to put the shells back, Mum and Dad said that I couldn’t keep all the shells.  In the end, I was only allowed to take a few back to the caravan.

We hitched up the caravan, and went to park it somewhere for the night.  Mum and Dad debated about going back the next day.  They decided against it, so the next morning we set out travelling again.  We very bored at staying in one spot, and Monkey Mia wasn’t what we thought it would be.



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  1. What a wonderful life. What home schooling program are you with? I want to homeschool and travel, but don’t know where to begin with it.

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