Our ride across Lake Eyre and the Birdsville track

When we first got to Cooper Creek, we had no idea at all that in a few days we would be flying over Lake Eyre and Birdsville Track in a helicopter. In fact, Mum and Dad were seriously considering whether to go on the flight or not. It seemed highly doubtful, but when they had fully made up their minds we went down to book in. There were only enough seats for four adult passengers, including the driver, so Mum and Edmund chose to stay behind. Three kids could share the two adult seats in the back seat, so Peter, Lucy and I sat there.


We all went to stand near the launch pad to wait for the helicopter to land, and the passengers that had just been on a ride got out. Dad, Peter, Lucy, and I climbed into the helicopter. It started up with a lot of noise, and we were off. We circled over the launch pad while Dad and I started up our cameras. Dad said that Peter could use his video camera, and then said that Peter and I could share it. We started heading towards Lake Eyre, but just before we reached it we stopped for some fuel . The driver let Peter and I put some fuel in the tank before he took over.


Then when we were ready to go, we all climbed back into the helicopter and headed to Lake Eyre. In a few minutes, we saw the first tip of it, and all of us except Dad grew very excited as we started flying over Lake Eyre. True to its reputation, we saw hundreds of little lakes ponds and puddles, with thousands of birds rising from them. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, so we had a very nice time altogether. About half way through our flight, we stopped at some old ruins and had a look around and saw quite a few interesting things, like a chimney in the ground with no house or anything to underneath it.


When we had all finished looking around, and had gone down to the edge of some little pond that was down there and dabbled our feet in it for a while we went back down to the helicopter. We headed back to the Cooper Creek Punt, but we went a different route than before so that we could see different scenery. We were around about half way there when Lucy fell asleep on my shoulder, so I had a lot of difficulty looking out of the window on the way back. We were nearly back when we wanted to know who could spot the caravan first, but instead we spotted Mum coming to pick us up.


When we were just about to land Dad asked the driver if he could take Mum out for a very short ride so that she could see at least a little bit of lake in a helicopter.






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  1. Hi Susan,

    I’m really pleased you decided to write about this. I was a bit surprised the other day when we were talking about this region and you remembered it as, “that spot where we swam on the road”.

    Then again, I guess as you said, how many places can you swim on a road!



  2. Well written and interesting description on your flight Susan. I would love to see it too but I am too scared to go in a helicopter

  3. Hi Susan,
    Great to get an update of your adventures.
    What a wonderful experience.
    Love Opa

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