My post about Bangkok Thialand.

On the day when I woke up in the guest house in Bangkok, I just thought that we were still in Melbourne because it did not look all that different to the Melbourne hotel rooms but on going outside it became clear to me that we were not in Melbourne. Because of all the different smells that caught your nose every couple of steps, people were selling things just spread out on the streets.



The drivers were the worst. They were crisscrossing and zigzagging across the road and nobody was caring, there were also packs of about 20 motorbikes, most of them with at least two people on them, one driver and at least one person sitting behind them, we even saw a mother holding two baby twins on the back of the motorbike, without holding on to the motorbike.



There are also street food stalls just scattered along almost all of the streets, the people at them just have something like a great big cauldron full of soup broth with vegies and meat, just spread out in front of them on a rolling bench and when you ask for some soup they just chuck the vegies, noodles and whatever else you want into it.



However you need to look out for the scamming! Yesterday we went up the canal to the grand palace; at the front of it we were met by a smiling stranger you spoke good English, wore nice clothes, and had an umbrella, however the most convincing thing about him was the tourist police badge on his chest with 1113 on it. Which we later learned was a real number but it would not get us in touch with the tourist police. Their real number is 1155 and he said that the grand palace was closed until 3:00 due to an official ceremony, so he called over two tuk-tuks and told us to hop in and that we would be taken to a temple and some markets for only 40 baht (which we thought was a good bargain!) So we hopped in and off we went, first we went to an out of the way temple where out the front Mum suddenly realized, that we had been scammed! It was to late to do anything then though, so we just had to sit back and enjoy the ride. Next we went to a Mining centre with some very pretty coloured glass beads, so we just had a look around and went out again. Then we were taken to a Tailor shop were they were very insistent for dad to buy three pairs of tailored shirts for 100 baht but Dad just kept shaking his head, so we went out of that shop, by that time our drivers were pretty pissed of by the fact that we had not bought anything. So next they took us to another jewel shop and outside the door they said. “Please take of your shoes to go inside.” So dad was really worried since he had hidden about 15 hundred baht in his shoes! So dad said, “No thanks I don’t want to go in what? Do I need with jewellery?” and in staying outside dad accidentally thwarted their plans! For they had been planning to abandon us at the last place! However because dad had stayed outside at the last spot they had to stay with us. So Jeremy and I went with mum and Brendan and Tamika went with dad because Dad had money and Tamika and Brendan didn’t and Jeremy and I had about 300 and something on us combined, so Mum Jeremy and I hopped into one of the tuk-tuks and of we went with Jeremy and I winging and whining like this. “Mum I’m really hungry, Mum why can’t we go and get some food” and things like that because Mum had told us to but after a little while mum said. “Oh there are the boys I remember their number plate.” As soon as she had said that plus their number plate our driver made a quick snappy phone call, floored the accelerator and would not listen to a word we said, so After a while I started droning on about how it wasn’t fair that women and children couldn’t carry money around, so that hopefully dad would turn up so that he could pay them and surprise surprise a moment late dad turned up but at the moment we are just glad to be back together again.

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  1. It is great to read an update from you. I like the descriptions you use in this.

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