I love pottery … but we can’t carry clay in a caravan

I like doing pottery a lot so whenever I get a chance to do some I do it.  Since there usually isn’t any clay while we’re travelling.  I just use mud when I can find it, which is usually only when it rains.  Sometimes we park at a river, stream, pond or lake so I have lots of mud.


The things I like to make and do make are birds and ducks with feathers stuck into them, love hearts, and circles with writing scratched onto them with sticks.  I also like making bird nests and eggs.  I can also make elephants, flowers, flower pots, people, triangals diamonds, balls and dice.  Pots, bowls and plates with knives and spoons, and saucepan cups and lids.


Usually when I pick the mud out of the ground it isn’t how I always use it.  Sometimes it’s too wet so I leave it out in the sun to get a touch of the moisture out of it, or it could be rocky so I need to pick the rocks out or it could have so much dirt mixed into it so that it is much to dry to use.  Or it could be just right for me to use.  Usually, though I have to work to make it usable.


How to make an elephant

  • You get a handful of clay or mud.
  • Roll it into a cylinder which isn’t hollow.
  • Make a hole in the middle.
  • Close up the hole making sure that you don’t wreck it.  Now you have the body.
  • Roll four more cylinders about the same size and thickness as your fingers for the legs.
  • Stick the legs on to the body by molding it with your fingers.
  • After you have done that, get a little bit more clay or mud roll it up into  a ball then you get two tiny pieces.
  • Roll them into little balls.
  • Stick them on for eyes.
  • Get a bit more mud.  Make it about as thin as your pinky but longer.
  • Make it into the shape of a trunk.
  • Stick it onto the head.
  • Stick the head on to the body.
  • Then you are ready to make the tail.   Get another little piece of mud or clay and roll it about the same length of your pinkey but a little bit thinner.
  • Stick it on the back.
  • Use a stick to make some patterns on it.
  • Now you have an elephant.



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  1. I still like looking at your pottery in my garden. The colourful fish ones on a stick the 3 of you made.
    Keep up the good writing
    Nell recently posted..I love pottery … but we can’t carry clay in a caravanMy Profile

  2. Do you have pictures to show us your birds ? I’m impressed as the only thing I can do with my hand is knitting (with all the explanation written in front of me).
    Tiphanya recently posted..Une invasion de créaturesMy Profile

    • no I don’t but I will get one and put it up as soon as I can I can’t put it on as soon as I get it because website broke yesterday so it is only showing text and no photos

  3. I am always so impressed with the clay sculptures you make using mud. You put so much effort and love into them.

  4. What a great idea to put up a tutorial. Yes, if possible it would be wonderful to see some photos. I love your pottery and we also look at the pots you gave us. Love Grandma

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