How I feel when we are not traveling

When we are not traveling, I feel like I want a bit of a rest from traveling. But after a while I feel like I would give any thing to start traveling and to start being home schooled again.

Usually when we have stopped traveling it is because Mum and Dad need to work, so Peter, Lucy and I go to school, and Edmund is either sent to crèche, or mum or dad stays home with him for the day. sometimes I like the schools that we are sent to. Other times I do everything that I can do to not go to school that day.


Here are the schools that I like:
1. Andamooka, South Australia

2 . Kirrup, Western Australia


Schools that I don’t like:
1. Village school, Victoria

2. Hopetown, Victoria

3. Sea Lake, Victoria

4. Beachlands, Western Australia

5. Derby, Western Australia


I think the are all the schools that I have attended.

driving travel kids

We’re going through a ditch at the moment to get to the other side.


I like that when you are traveling you a different scenery every day. when you stay in one place for a while you get very, very bored with the scenery because you have seen it for a while, and you really want a change of scenery but you just have to wait until your parents are ready to start travelling again.

sometimes can have a change if scenery if you are staying in one place for a while. you could go camping for one thing, or you can go for a day trip somewhere as well.

also when you are travelling you don’t have much Internet so that you do as many things on a computer or something because you don’t have enough Internet. Internet can sometimes be very helpful. but other times it could be very unhelpful you also don’t have much electricity when you are traveling. but all these things sort of make travelling look bad.

but travelling does have some pretty good advantages like you get to see different scenery and you get to learn about places and there history’s and beliefs. it is also pretty good in a caravan. it is pretty squishy when you fist move In, but you also get to see you family every day, even if they are grumpy at you.

When you are in a caravan, you just seem to fit in suddenly said you have been there for your whole life. but you also can’t carry many things in a caravan, so you just need to pick a few of your most favourite things. if you are in a caravan you can just leave to live in a house permanently.

I still think that travelling is the best.

hope that you are all well for now,

from Susan

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  1. Hi Susan
    A good part of not traveling is that you can write your blog and I can hear what you think. Like your car in the photograph, you are in a ditch (not traveling) at the moment. When you get out of the ditch you will be traveling again.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I am a mum of three children (7 yr old girl, 51/2 yr boy & 3yr boy). We are heading off for a 6 week trip from the Gold Coast to Adelaide in February. What tips would you give a mum about traveling with young ones? Are there places you can think of that you would say to go to? We started home schooling half way through last year, so my daughter will keep doing that, do you find it hard to do your home schooling when the younger kids aren’t and are playing? What did you find the best way to do your homeschooling – with mum and dad telling you when to do it or did you do it when you felt like it? If your mum doesn’t mind could she offer any suggestions she make, I’d be really grateful.
    Thank for your help.

    • Hi Linda

      I am not really sure were about in Adelaide is good because we have never really explored the big cities we have preferred to avoid them and I am not really sure about homeschooling because with me it depends on what mood I am in but I usually prefer doing it when I feel like it but I usually prefer doing it when I feel like it but it could be different with everyone anyway I hope you have a good trip from Susan

      • Thanks Susan. Let us know if you think of anything you’s like to pass on to us or the kids. Your mum has our e-mail.

  3. Hi Susan, I am a mum of 3 little kids and I really liked hearing about your perspective of school versus homeschooling. I’m curious – what was it about the 2 schools that you liked? Was it the same things? What didn’t you like about the other schools?


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