Christmas on the road

I think that Christmas is very good because you get presents from santa and from your family.

You also get lots of surprises like seeing a parade or something like that, but when you are traveling in a caravan you don’t get as many presents or surprises. You just do not have the room for. It is for surprises.

If you are traveling, you will probably be in the outback. Cant see more family and you definitely wont be able to go and see a parade or something. All in all, Christmas isn’t that bad when your traveling because you get a nice, quiet, peaceful day. But you don’t get many presents.

Last year we only got some audiobooks and nothing else, because we don’t have that much room or space.

I am hoping to get a few small presents this year that I will be able to fit into my special box. My special box is a box that Mum and Dad have got for Peter, Lucy and I to put our very special things in. Though mine is almost over flowing with the things that I have collected over time. They will have to be very small presents to fit in it. But I just hope that I will get some presents no matter how big or small.

I also hope that we can have a big christmas tree, seeing as we are still going to be at Cummins on Australia’s Eyre Peninsula for Christmas. We got to Cummins three days ago, and will be here for six weeks, which includes Christmas. Though when we are in a caravan it is a bit hard to make or buy christmas tree decorations.

It is also hard work to make presents for each other, but we still manage to make presents quiet well. I am especially keen on art and craft, so it is quite easy for me to make presents and things like that.

Here are some things that I am going to do for christmas.

    Igoing to get an empty egg carton get some cracked egg shells. That can be put together again put a pretty rock or something in it. Then sticky tape it together put it in the empty carton then the day before christmas sneak the egg carton into the fridge.

  1. Make some songs to hang around the caravan.
  2. Make quite a few presents and have a present hunt.
  3. Make some pop up cards.
  4. Try and clean the glass on the car for Dad.
  5. Make lots of pictures and things to hang around the caravan
  6. Get the smallest box we have and about half fill it with presents so that Mum Dad Peter Lucy and Edmund can get as many presents as they want.
  7. Make pipe cleaner flower chains and things.
  8. Make some paper stars colorer them in put a string though them and hang them up.
  9. Draw some pictures of animals and stick them onto the walls and windows
This is our second Christmas while we have been travelling. Last year, we were up in Roxby Downs at the beginning of December. I got to go in the Christmas pageant there.
On Christmas Day, we were at Port Parham. We were camped 50 meters from the beach.
I like Christmas a lot. My Grandma and Opa might be coming over this year to see us for Christmas. I’m very excited about that, I miss them very much and it will be great to see them again.
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This is the Christmas Tree I’ve already made for Christmas.





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  1. I love the decorations you make. I’m looking forward to seeing what surprizes you are planning for the decorations this year.

  2. Hi Susan,

    So good to read about what you like for christmas. Our boys have little space as well – so they will also be getting small gifts!

    I love your idea on your xmas decorations that you are going to make!

    Hope you get to see your Grandparents for the holidays.


    • Thank you and yes I think they are coming over though there going to to come a little bit latter than we expected because my grandma has broken her arm by playing a game

  3. Wow, sounds like a great Christmas to me! Love your picture and your post! Good job!

  4. Your decorations are beautiful. How did you do that Christmas tree? I wish I could see you for Christmas too.
    The story writing is good

  5. Oh my love, your Christmas tree is soooo beautiful. You are so good at your artwork. I can’t wait until we are over there at Christmas time. I will bring a supply of goodies that you can work with and make even more beautiful art. Miss you heaps, love Grandma

  6. hope you have fun making your presents for this year and that you will get a few special things for your ‘special box’. Have fun with your grandparents too!

  7. Thankyou

  8. Thank you


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