I love pottery … but we can’t carry clay in a caravan

I like doing pottery a lot so whenever I get a chance to do some I do it.  Since there usually isn’t any clay while we’re travelling.  I just use mud when I can find it, which is usually only when it rains.  Sometimes we park at a river, stream, pond or lake so I […]

My Wonderfully, Awful Mum?

These are the good facts and bad facts about my mum. Good Points: lets Bus have our own website doesn’t yell as often as dad lets me use the computer when i want to because i don’t use it often yells at Peter when his naughty paid for my garnets to be made into jewelery. […]

Travelling In The Car

Traveling in the car is very boring. I usually bring my kindle, pencil case, notebook and work book. I just read write and work. Sometimes mum puts phonics and maths for Peter, Lucy and I, and sometimes Latin. Sometimes, but not often, Dad puts a documentry on the gps. We also keep the Bear Cards […]

Views on Homeschooling

Homeschooling is very fun because you get to stay whith your perents all day. You also get to do crosswords puzzles, mazes and all sorts of fun things. I espescially liked it up at the snow. Once we finished our lessons, we could go skiing, but I always brought my ipod and listened to Latin […]