Christmas on the road

I think that Christmas is very good because you get presents from santa and from your family. You also get lots of surprises like seeing a parade or something like that, but when you are traveling in a caravan you don’t get as many presents or surprises. You just do not have the room for. […]

A disaster and pleasure in a near ghost town

At Walhalla, Peter and I were searching for quartz. To break open so that we could see if there was any gold. In them we found lots of little pieces. But our hunt led us to a very shallow creek were peter found a quartz. About the size of basket ball he picked it up […]

My Wonderfully, Awful Mum?

These are the good facts and bad facts about my mum. Good Points: lets Bus have our own website doesn’t yell as often as dad lets me use the computer when i want to because i don’t use it often yells at Peter when his naughty paid for my garnets to be made into jewelery. […]