A disaster and pleasure in a near ghost town

At Walhalla, Peter and I were searching for quartz. To break open so that we could see if there was any gold. In them we found lots of little pieces. But our hunt led us to a very shallow creek were peter found a quartz. About the size of basket ball he picked it up but it was to heavy for him. His left hand slipped and the quartz fell on his right index finger and that quartz was so heavy.

He started crying at once and I had just started to go for Mum and Dad. They came to us becauce they had heard Peter crying.  They had come to investigate ,the quartz was broken in to pieces around us they also saw a cut so deep that you could see a little bit of one of his bones.  Dad carried him back to the caravan. They cleaned it out, and put a bandage on and went quickly down to Ramsey Medical Clinic.  On the way there, Dad was going so fast that Mum and us kids thought that he was going to tumble the car over the edge of the road, but he did not .  But they were useless.  They only comfimed that it was broken, but that was all.

We went down to Latrobe regional hospital, but were they only put to butterfly strips on it.  We went back to the caravan, but by the next morning Mum and Dad had decided to go the Royal Children’s Hospital.  We went to Melbourne in the car, leaving the caravan in Walhalla.  Peter could not eat in case he needed surgery.  It was a very tiresome drive by the time we got to Melbourne, it was past lunch time.

After a while of waiting they called Peter in.  Mum went with him.  He had 1 hour and 30 minutes of surgery.  Dad, Edmund, Lucy and I went shopping for UHF radios but after we had gone shopping for UHF radios we joined Mum and Peter at at the hospital

After it had been done, we decided that we would stay at our Grandparents for the night so Dad called them, asked if we could stay for a night they said yes.  So we went there.  By the time we arrived it was very late so we had a quick dinner and went strait to bed.

We started back to Walhalla it was longer it had on the journey there because Dad was going slower that time it was very late wen we got back so we had a quick snack and went to bed, the next day we went on the historical Wallhalla railway train so we all bundled into the car to go to the station wen we got there we were quit early so we had to wait for a bit and the person who was going to to drive the train let me beep the horn it was fun then it was time to get on the train the scenery was beautiful.


travelling kids

travelling children

Just about to do the tour at the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine.

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  1. You remember the deatails well Susan. Can you still see the mark on Peter’s finger? You’ve had a few disasters of your own
    Nell recently posted..A disaster and pleasure in a near ghost townMy Profile

  2. Did you have to give so much detail?

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