A bit of fun at tarrabulga national park

The way to Tarra Bulga National Park was very steep.  We thought that we would not get to the top with the caravan.  We were very glad when came to some shops. Mum and Dad went into one of the shops to see if there was a camp ground anywhere near. The lady in the shop said that there was a camp ground just up the road. So we went on to the camp ground, and it was so good that we decided to stay there for a couple of days even though we had planned to only stay for the night. But the first thing to do was to park the caravan and get the bikes out after that.

After that had been done Peter, Lucy and I asked Mum if we could wade down the creek that was near us. Mum said yes, so we rolled up our pants not knowing if it was shallow or deep.  After doing that we waded in to the creek and found out that it was very shallow. We also found out that it was very cold, but we didn’t mind the cold so we went into the middle of the creek.  Then we started down the creek after a little we came to a log.  That stretched from one side of the creek to the other. That was were we turned back to go to the caravan.

When we got back Mum told us to put soap on ourselves and wash it of in the creek.  Peter and Lucy were big sooky-la-las about doing it, but I did it as soon as I could.  After we had all done it, Mum spotted a platypus hole. After Mum had found it, Peter, Lucy and I went on a platypus hole hunt.  We found a few other platypus holes. But none of them platypuses in them.  After a while.Dad called us in for dinner.  After dinner we all went straight to bed.

The next day we drove up the mountain a little way to go to Tarra Bulga National Park.  When we got there, Mum, Dad and us kids went into the visitors center to have a look at the history and the displays of the national park.  After we had had a look, we went on a walk through the park.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful.  There were birds everywhere. About half-way through there was a big suspension bridge which was only held in place by two long, heavy and strong chains. Mum, Lucy and I felt as if the bridge was going to collapse at any moment, so we were very glad when we got to the other side.  Dad took some family photos. After he had done that we walked on a little way and came to a magnificent waterfall and we stood gazing at it for quite a while before we hurried back to the car.

When we got back, we went to bed after a very hurried meal for we wanted to leave the next day in the morning.  The next morning after breakfast we all started packing up ready to go. When we were finally ready to go it was midday so it was quite late despite our efforts to leave early.  When we finally drove out, we stopped at the house of the person who ran the park. We had just stopped to get out of the car when Peter, Lucy, Edmund and I saw a talking parrot.  We were very exited. But we were even more excited when she asked us we would like to feed the eels. We all chorused “yes please”, except Edmund who was too young so she gave us all some food to chuck into the creek.

After we had done that she asked us if we would like to see her crocodile.  That time it was only Lucy and I who said yes, so Dad took us to the back yard which was where it was.  Lucy and I clambered onto a table that was there at once, but Dad said “Do you want me to poke it, girls?  We both screamed “No!” and then saw with relief that it was only a statue of a crocodile.  After that we all got back in the car.







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  1. That was a lot of fun there – it was such a beautiful place at Tarra Bulga. I’d not known that there were temperate rain forests before we went there, either.

  2. I liked Tarra Bulga when Greg and I went last year. I hadn’t been there for about 40 years but there was a suspension bridge there then. I wandered if it was the same one.
    You describe your experience very well

  3. Great pictures. I love that bridge!

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