The history of the Terracotta warriors.

In 259 BC a pince named Prince Zheng was born. Prince Zheng was a prince of the Qin province in China. At the time when he was born all of China was in a warring state. At the age of 13 Prince Zheng’s father died and Zheng ascended to the throne. Until the now King Zheng was 22 years old his land … [Continue reading]

My post about Bangkok Thialand.

On the day when I woke up in the guest house in Bangkok, I just thought that we were still in Melbourne because it did not look all that different to the Melbourne hotel rooms but on going outside it became clear to me that we were not in Melbourne. Because of all the different smells that caught … [Continue reading]

Our time at monkey Mia

Dolphin at Monkey Mia

At Monkey Mia, you can stand in the water while the dolphins play around you.   We got there at lunch time, so  we got out some lunch. When we had … [Continue reading]

How I feel when we are not traveling

driving travel kids

When we are not traveling, I feel like I want a bit of a rest from traveling. But after a while I feel like I would give any thing to start traveling … [Continue reading]

Our ride across Lake Eyre and the Birdsville track


When we first got to Cooper Creek, we had no idea at all that in a few days we would be flying over Lake Eyre and Birdsville Track in a helicopter. In … [Continue reading]